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best commercial drones for saleWe have the most complete information on drones for sale including ratings to help make your decision easier. Once you're ready to pick out a drone, there's a fairly extensive list on prosumer hobbyist site Drone Flyers You can also get in touch with the two most popular companies selling drones in kits or ready-to-fly models ( DJI and Parrot ). The WSJ has an informative article about drone safety; CNN detailed how they could be used in industry; and Motherboard recounted the rescue industry's fight against the FAA.

With a professional lens to eliminate the distortion that often occurs with wide aerial shooting, stable footage with 3-axis gimbal stabilization system, 4K video at up to 30 frames per second and 12 megapixel photo, paired with DJI's powerful app and remote controls, you have an amazing package of the best drone with camera for aerial photographing and videographing.

Note: If you are a newbie it is advisable that you should start first in a basic drone, it cost only a few thousand pesos compared to medium to high end drones that will put a hole in your pocket it cost around 15,000 to 80,000 pesos, depend upon the features and its capabilities.

One of the officials who spoke on condition of anonymity said any exports of drones, armed or not, require a case-by-case assessment and close scrutiny, but the sale was ultimately approved because Italy was a key ally and partner of the United States.

Of course, as we already said, the above 4K drones certainly aren't the end all and be all of consumer drone technology, they're just some of the best available at delivering superb ultra HD 4K video and also shooting spectacular high resolution images of 16 megapixels or possibly more.

There are also of course a range of other miniature drones of assorted sizes and shapes being sold by other manufacturers such as Parrot, Dromida, Turbo Ace and others but DJI and Yuneec are currently the only companies that that build their own completely ready-made 4K drones with built-in ultra HD cameras mounted on stabilizing gimbals.

A proven leader in the camera drone market, DJI has released the latest version of its flagship Phantom quadcopter drone series, the DJI Phantom 4. With three models, the Phantom 4 is the pinnacle of drone technology and blurs the lines between mid-level and semi-professional camera drones.

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