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porcelain cups and mugsTimeless in design, these cups and saucers are by Apilco, the French company that has supplied culinary professionals with restaurant-quality porcelain wares since 1906. The thing about cups and gaiwans is that being glazed (or smooth glass) they don't add anything to the water. Once dry I placed them in a cold oven, shut the door, and turned the oven on to 325 degrees for 40 minutes. The Bodum Bistro collection is fashioned from crisp white porcelain banded with colorful silicone grips that work well while looking great.

Metal mugs were produced from bronze, 5 silver, gold, 6 and even lead, 7 starting from roughly 2000 BCE, but were hard to use with hot drinks. Ancestral Pueblo (Anasazi) mugs from SW Colorado , made between 1000 and 1280 CE. The meaning of the carving in the handles is yet unknown, but it is probably not functional.

Depending on your needs, you can switch from casual to fine coffee mugs all in the same day. The porcelain from the imperial period was not only magnificent, but it also exemplified the Russian perceptions of beauty. The S&B series was born with a collaboration of Dutch designers Scholten & Baijings with the 400 years' history of Arita porcelain.

This porcelain and Italian soapstone place setting has a sophisticated grey tone due to the mixture of these two materials. For anyone, looking to buy something for the household which is beautifully made and practical, whilst projecting their high class and refined tastes - there's no doubt that fine Imperial Porcelain is the perfect choice!

For wholesale pricing, distributor information, or any question regarding Ancap, please use the information and form below to contact us. These techniques can be applied to other porcelain objects like plates, vases or teapots and can be used to create your own personal collection.

When you hold the mug or cup, you can feel the profundity of the expression and the detailed work of Arita porcelain. The porcelain applied with prunus sprigs and set with gilt bronze mounts to the rim and foot, the mounts early 18th century. Pigments & Porcelain is a research about the flowing of colours through liquid porcelain, resulting in a series of handmade and unique objects.

Hence both porcelain & high fire (stoneware, vitrified stone) ceramic tend to have similar heat transfer, but ceramic/stone ware tend to have thicker wall than porcelain therefore the heated liquid transfers its energy to larger volume of mass. The perfect set for any couple, these everyday mugs are durably crafted of new bone porcelain and boast charming, contemporary style.

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